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Weight Loss Reiki Package (Sale now on)

Welcome to my weight loss reiki package, many people suffer from weight issues because of different reasons. Feelings are a major contributor to weight issues, if you are feelings vulnerable, and scared, and you feel a need for protection, then you put on weight, which acts as a barrier and defense for you to protect yourself from the outside world.
These are some of the reasons that contribute to weight issues:
Emotional Issues.
Side effects of medication.
Bad habits.
Addiction to food.
My package will help you understand why you put on weight in the first place and ways to heal it. Reiki can stabilize your appetite and make you more aware of your body's nutritional needs; these are most evident in people who take these attunements. Reiki will help you to feel more connected and balanced within.
Using weight loss reiki healing, helps the body to function more effectively, it will stabilize your appetite, improve your digestive system and improve the assimilation of nutrients. It also regulates the hypothalamus which is the body's hunger regulator as well as have an effect of relaxing the skin and releases the cravings and psychological causes of weight gain. Reiki energy helps tune the organs, so they process the food better and removes stress from the body.
The techniques in this package are simple to work with; they aim to deal with the appetite in all ways and is a complete system. This wonderful weight loss reiki attunement was channeled through the love of the angelic kingdom of light for  assisting individuals with weight issues and appetite issues. 
The package will help you to lose weight; however, it's recommended you exercise your physical body, stop bad habits such as overeating as well. Energy and physical exercise combined is what you need to make it happen, providing you use it; you will get results.
You will receive the followings:
1. Weight Loss Reiki. 
2. Answered Prayers Reiki.
3. Eternal Healing Light.
4. Break Free Deep Healing Reiki.
5. Chakra Auric Field Healing.
6. Clearing 8 Undesirable patten's clearing.
7. Good Fortune Prosperity Empowerment.
8. Negative Entities Clearing Reiki.
9. Success Flush.
10. Angelic Empowerment's 1,2,3,4,5
11. Empowerment's Reiki.12345
12. Kundalini Reiki 1,2,3
13. Violet Flame Reiki.
14.Amethyst Ray of Peace and Transmutation.
15.Breakthrough Reiki.
16.Avalon Crown Of Success. 
The Attunements manuals listed above,a template certificate and
guidance and support as with all my workshops. Attunements are done in chi balls
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