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Gold, Silver, Violet, Flame, Reiki(There are no pre-requirements to take this attunement).

The Gold, Silver, Violet, Flame Reiki is a Powerful High frequency Spiritual Energy, which helps you heal yourself, cleansing you of negative energy and deep issues that no longer serve you. The violet light removes disturbing energy because of  its high vibration and Saint Germain an Ascended Master in charge of the Violet Flame works to remove lower energies and bring you back to a state of inner balance and calm.
If you have been going through some inner conflict, this energy will help to calm and center you, and If you need a boost a removal of toxin's Saint Germain will see to it you receive that kind of help.
The Silver Light serves to protect you from unwanted interference, and the Gold Light brings an abundant protective light and seals in all the energies of protection. Love and Violet Light.
The Gold, Silver, Violet Flame, is very good at helping you relax, so you are better able to forgive, release and let go.
With this system, you can heal friends, loved ones, and yourself. The Gold, Silver, Violet, Flame Reiki brings peace and tranquility to those who  use it.
You will receive:
* 1 Attunement.
* A Manual.
*A Certificate.
* Guidance before and after.
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