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Treatment of black magic and evil spirits.

What is black magic.

Black magic is when someone puts a block on your life through the use of magic, it affects you in a multitude of ways and its aim is to bring the person down in every area of your life, they use energy, objects, words, chanting, clothes and personal items of the target, to harm and damage the person. The affect being the person, starts to deteriorate, and things start going wrong in a persons life, such as loss of money all the way to bankruptcy. Loss of job, careless spending, loss of possessions, ill health, problems in the body that cannot be cured by conventional medicine, other symptoms include nightmares, sudden pains in the body, feeling like something moving under the skin, sudden bloating of the stomach, feeling irritated and annoyed , sudden mood swings, unusually emotional states like anger and crying  for long periods of time with no obvious reason, being depressed and thoughts of suicide are just a few of the many symptoms black magic can cause, and therefor more and more people are turning to alternative health medicine, it is very difficult to diagnose because many symptoms of black magic are the same as normal illness, but if you have tried for many years to relieve yourself of a sickness and doctors couldn't find a cure and you have exhausted all possibilities you could be suffering from the affects of black magic.

I have been on the receiving end of black magic and what I tell you comes from my own experience, I have suffered very badly with this.  The person doing black magic does so because of jealousy, not wanting to see the other person doing better then them , dark workers people sent to the earth to stop light workers from spreading the light and lifting the vibration of the planet. They can do it out of Jealousy, revenge, anger, hurt, the possibilities are endless.

The cure is not an easy one but in my experience, this treatment works.

I specialise in dealing with black magic, evil spirits, and can help you, through my years of experience, I have gained the knowledge and expertise to help you to be free also, please contact me and let me know what is happening and I will do my best to help you, my email is 

First of all you need to know that hygiene is very important, when under black magic it is even more important to keep spiritual hygiene, this means baths or showers everyday preferably before bed, keeping the place extremely clean and tidy, this things like dirty places. Cleanliness is close to godliness.

The treatment time is 2 weeks, it is a Muslim treatment and you do not have to be Muslim to do it although I would suggest no drinking alcohol and no pork, during the treatment time.

I will put links to all the things you need to do.

Recite Surah al Fatiha and Surah al Baqarah to complete on a daily basis or at least in 3 days. But it is highly recommended to do this on a daily basis.

Surah al Fathia

Surah al Baqarah

Recite 100 times in the morning at 7 am la illaha illah allah, wahdahu la sharika la, lahul el mulku el hamd, wahuwa allah kuli shayin kadeer.

it means:

There is no god but god, there is no partnership,  the kingdom is his, and he has the power over everything.

before eating anything say: bismilah hefee awahlahe wa akhirhe.

it means:

 in the name of Allah in the beginning and the end. It starves the spirit attached to the black magic and makes it weak.

Make repentant to Allah often because we can do things without even realising it offends Allah,

Say Astaghfirul-lah

I ask Allah for forgiveness, as often as you can.

recite Ayatual Kursi (Surah al Baqarah: 255) 5 times a day, after every (Fardh) Muslim prayer time. You can get the prayer times from.

Bedtime Ritual:

Recite/ read Surah Al Fatiha, Ayatul Kursi, last 2 verses of (Surah al Baqarah:285) Surah Ikhlas, Al Nas and Falak blow on the hands regularly after reading and wipe the whole body after you have read them all on to the palms of your hands. This is a most powerful protection from evil.

Surah Fathia  link:

Ayatul Kursea link:

Surah al Baqarah: 255

Iklas,falak and nas

make koranic koranic water 27 litres in a bucket this is to do a koranic shower every night before sleep, drinking and spraying around the house for protection, 1 bottle of olive oil , and 1 bottle of black seed oil and 1 Jar runny honey, you can also do incense.

Recite/ read Surah Al Fatiha, Ayatul Kursi, last 2 verses of (Surah al Baqarah:285) Surah Ikhlas, Al Nas and Falak, surah yunus, verse 81-82, Surah Taha verse: 68-70, surah alraf surah 7 verse 117-122

Surah Fathia link:

Ayatul Kursea link:

Surah al Baqarah: 255

Iklas,falak and nas

Sura Yunis : 81-82

Surah Taha : 68-70 this is the closest I could find.

 Surah Al Raf 117-122

When you make your spiritual bath collect the water you put over you in a plastic tub container to collect the water, put 1,5 of warm koranic water over you, then throw away the water into the garden, at a crossroads but keep it away from the drains.

if you have magic in your stomach it needs to be removed and can be removed with senna and koranic water with the mercy and willing of allah.

Take 1 tablespoon of senna leaves and boil half a litre of koranic water. Drink on an empty stomach until the pain is gone. I was told to take the senna everyday until the pain is gone.

when you can excrite without pain then the magic in the stomach is gone.

Credit goes to myself for the my personal input and links added for your convenience, Sheikh ben halima and sheikh Amad for this treatment that cured me and it will cure you in gods will.

Please feel free to contact me for help, no critics please, but anyone requiring genuine help may contact me via the form on this website.


Whilst I have every faith and belief in what I do ,It is my duty to inform you, that none of my treatments, such as Healings, Attunements, or anything listed in my website are meant to be a substitute for a medical diagnosis or treatment from your GP. I do not diagnose conditions,  I do not stop GP treatment, or interfere with GP treatments. Any concerns about your medical conditions please seek advice from your GP. I do not accept responsibility for any loss or damage caused by you using or misusing information from my website through healing procedures or Attunements or trying to treat yourself using my website.