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Stress Relief Package.

Modern life is full of demands, deadlines, frustrations and hassles, which can cause us to feel out of balance. When you are constantly running around trying to meet everyone's expectations, over working yourself to meet your deadlines and duties and people are making heavy demands on your time, one can become stressed and exhausted. This package is designed to deal with the many stresses and help you to bring them back into balance. Stress affects your life in many ways and everyone's experience is different.

This package helps:

1. Calm anger and agitation 2. Helps release pressure and unblock the emotions. 3. Releases stress 4. Helps heal the mind, body and spirit 5. Help you to concentrate 6. Bring a more positive mind set 7. Release worry and anxious thoughts. 8. Release and heal aches and pains.

You will receive the following:

1. Blockages Removal Vibration-Hari Winarso

2. Bold Warrior Goddess Within Healing System

3. Breakfree Deep Clearing Reiki

4. Chakra Balancing Empowerment

5. Chakra Healing Attunement

6. Chakra Auric Field Healing Attunement

7. Clearing 8 Undesirable Patterns

8. Clearing Symptoms Empowerment

9. Crossroads Energy Empowerment

10. DNA Flush Empowerment

11. Shift your energy empowerment 

12. Environmental Stress Removal

13. Full Body Flush

14. Getting Clear Ray Empowerment

15. Getting Unstuck Empowerment

16. Grounding Flush Empowerment

17. Guilt Release Empowerment

18. Happiness Flush Empowerment

19. Higher Self journey Reiki

20. Higher Light Shield Protection

21. Infinity Living - Hari Winarso

22. Inner Child Healing Attunement

23. Lighten the Load

24. Meridian Reiki

25. Magic Protection Reiki

26. Negative Entities Clearing Reiki

27. Negativity Flush

28. Outside Influence Protection Reiki

29. Pain Release Flush

30. Shift your Energy Empowerment

31. Toxic Family Shield

32. Attraction Reiki

33. Ki Mana Reiki

34. 1 Angel Healing

You will receive:

1. The attunements and empowerment's, done in chi balls

2. The manuals

3. The angel healing, you may choose Usui reiki healing if you prefer

4. Template certificate

5. Guidance and support

6. Lineage available on request

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