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Spiritual Relief Package

Are you burned out? Do you feel as though you have lost all your energy? and are clinging to your last bout of energy? this package can help! It revitalizes your energy, balances you, recharges you and helps you to heal on all levels, reduces pain until completely healed. You become empowered to heal your life and progress in all areas of your life. Reiki is an intelligent energy and goes to where it is most needed, It is cleansing and renewing, and helps you to get back on the right path. You will see changes in your life using these reiki attunements, and help you to move on with your life. This package will help you to move on with with your life and work on achieving your goals and dreams.

1.Angel of Cleansing

2.Angel of Peace - LW Series

3.Angelic Resonance

4.Ascension Vibration

5.Attraction Magnet Empowerment

6.Back Care

7.Brain Heart Connection

8.Body Care

9.Body Toxic

10.Courage and Strength Reiki

11.Digestive Care

12.Divine Energy Transformer

13.Earth Connect Reiki

14.El Morya Healing System

15.Energetic Clearing

16.Energetic System Repair

17.Energy Implants Neutralizer

18.Energy Builder Attunements

19.Etheric Cord Shield

20.Healing Flush 1 and 2

21.Healing Flush 3 and 4

22..Healing Flush 5 and 6

23.Higher Spiritual Vibration

24.Inner Self Evolution

25.Inner Strength Reiki

26.Life path empowerment

27.Mind Power Awakening

28.Nerve Care

29.Old Energies Release Flush

30.Personal Power Healer Balancer Empowerment

31.Poverty Flush

32.Shamanic Soul Retrieval Reiki

33.Spiritual Awakening Ascension Symptoms Shield Activation

34.Spinal Care

35.Rejection Flush

You will receive the following:
1. Manuals.
2. Attunements.
3. Template Certificate.
4.Guidance and support.
To receive the attunements package click on the pay-pal button below to buy. If you have any questions or need to help my email is: these Attunements are done in real time or chi ball. 

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