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Black Magic

I have been through a very bad type of black magic which involved demons, I was given internal magic and I was under severe experiences because of this. I have learned how to help and treat others and can help you with any issue concerning black magic and demons. I was put under many different types of harmful spells such as evil eye, black magic disturbance spells and separation magic to name a few. I will help you through my products to heal yourself and become free as I did. Removing magic is no easy job but it can be done just as I cured myself so can you. 

There is a type of magic called hot foot. It is a type of magic people are using to harm and hurt people. it works by the participant treading in it and becoming under the control of the one who planted the spell for you to pick up through your feet.

I provide spiritual baths made to order for removing this type of magic, it removes any type of black magic that you have walked on. For enquiries contact


I also cast spells and can help you deal with any situation, I can do black magic removals, prosperity increasing, money spells, happiness spells, healing spells, and nearly anything you request I will be able to help you with. Feel free to ask for any spell not listed as well.

Spell List

Each spell is £30 pounds you can receive 1 free cast after 1 month if your not happy with the results.



Empowerment spell

This spell brings you a powerful energy to help you to get things done and to feel empowered to achive your goals and makes you feel powerful.

Beauty Spell

Increase your beauty and looks, perfect hair, eyes, lips and overall look. 

Charm spell

Be more charming and you will give off the energy of charm. 

Healing spell

Helps your body to heal and recover from sickness and heal itself. 

Happiness Spell

Bring yourself happiness and good feelings. 

Love Spell

Have that perfect somebody notice you, feel the love of someone you love, get closer to that special someone through this powerful spell.

Luck spell

have you been feeling like your on an unlucky streak, turn this around now with this good luck spell.Increase your luck and draw to you what it is you are seeking, bring in favourable situations high good luck.

Money spell

Do you need extra money?, do you want an increase in money coming? then this is the spell for you, brings in money and abundance.

Magnetism spell

Bring things to you like a magnet, attract the things you want and feel magnetic, look more charming to others.

Magic powers

gives you magic powers of astral travel. 

Protection spell

Protect yourself from negative energy, evil and harm with this powerful protection spell, which shields and cloaks you from danger and harmful influences. 

Power spell

This spell brings you power, gives you power to achieve your goals and desires.

Perfect Health

Helps to gain perfect health.

Psychic ability spell

Increase your psychic ability and increase your experiences. 

Intuition spell

Increase your intuition and power. 

Self love spell

A spell to fill you up with loving energy, and helping you to enjoy a better quality of life, start to feel the peace of mind, knowing that all the areas surrounding you are filled with positive loving vibrations.You may feel that your enfolded in positive loving vibrations, helping your life to move forward more smoothly.

Strength spell

Are you feeling weak and sick? if so the strength spell can bring you an increase of energy and strength. Bringing you back to your full strength.

Sexual prowess spell

This spell helps you to be and look sexy and horny to the opposite sex, gives you endurance, get lovers and pick up the opposite sex.

Success spell 

Bring you all the success you can dream of.Bring opportunities for success and fills you with success energy to attract what you want to be successful in. 

Weight Loss Spell

Help to remove the cause of weight gain and to loose weight.