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Self Development Package

This package helps you to release the blockages to your progress; it strips away the layers of disharmony, which helps you to heal and release negative situations and problems in your life, through working with the attunements and healing in this package. By healing yourself with the energy you receive. Being the creative being you are, with the power of the creator at your fingertips,you are going to make significant changes and improve the quality of your life.  I will be with you every step of the way offering you guidance, counselling and supporting you through the transformation period.  Make sure you are well hydrated, drink lots of water as it cleanses the body of any toxins. If there are attunements, you have received before you can swap them with another one from the site.

1. Usui Reiki First Degree.
2. Usui Reiki Second Degree.
3. Usui Reiki Teacher/ Masters.
4. Angel Reiki Master.
5. Arch-angelic Seichim Reiki Master.
6. Amethyst Ray of Peace and Transmutation.
7. Celtic Reiki 1,2,3.
8. Crystal Reiki.
9. Elemental Reiki Master.
10. Imara Reiki Master.
11. Karmic Reiki 1,2 Master.
12. Karuna Ki Reiki Master.
13. Kundalini Reiki 1,2,3.
14. Kundalini Reiki Boosters Levels 1 to 5.
15. Silver violet and Gold Flame Reiki.
16. Spirit Reiki.
17. Templar Degree Reiki.
18. Tibetan Reiki Master.
19.Colours Of Angels.
20. Sapphires of Angels.
21.Archangel Michael Attunement.
22. Light of Archangels Empowerment.
23. Angel Of Light Initiation.
24. Amara Omni Spiritual Empowerment.
25. Atlantis Healing System.
26. Ethereal Crystals Level 1 to 9.
27. Ethereal Crystals Level 10 to 12.
28. Full Spectrum Healing System.
29. Golden Triangle Healing System.
30. Divine Harmony Attunement 1.
31. Divine Harmony Attunement 2.
32. Divine Harmony Attunement 3.
33. 12 Strand DNA Activation.
34. 24 Strand DNA Activation.
35. 36 Strand DNA Activation.
36, Avalonian Alignment Program 1
37. Avalonian Alignment Program 2
38. Avalonian Alignment Program 3 
39. Avalonian Alignment Program 4
40. Avalonian Alignment Program 5
41. Avalonian Alignment Program 6
42. Avalonian Alignment Program 7
43. Avalonian Alignment Program 8
44. Avalonian Alignment Program 9
45. Avalonian Alignment Program
46. Awaken the Tantric Goddess/God Within Healing System.
47. Background, Foreground, Reality Check Alignment.  
48. Baraka.
49. Birthstones Energy Attunements.
50. Breakthrough Reiki.
You will receive the following:
1. Manuals.
2. Attunements.
3. Template Certificate.
4.Guidance and support.
To receive the attunements package, please click on the Paypal button below to buy. If you have any questions or need any help my email is: these Attunements are done in chi ball.

£49.50 Only