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Releasing Emotions Package.

During daily life toxin's build-up in the body, due to unhealthy lifestyle, stress, fear, people who are hurtful and take their anger out on others and general negativity. This package helps you to overcome intense emotions such as anger and fear and brings you back into balance peace and harmony. It helps you with negative and emotional issues, pain ,sadness, aggression, helps to deal and cope with hard times and with life difficulties, such as work,family,relationships,career,luck,low self-esteem, lack of confidence, communication problems, fear, anger and relating to others. Release your suffering, break free of limiting patterns that affect your relationships and much more. Attunements are done via chi ball. If there are attunements, you have received before you can swap them with another one from the site.
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1. Fearless Reiki.
2. Anger Release Empowerment.
3. Akal Empowerment to Release Fear.
4. Angel Of Space Clearing.
5. Angelic Cellular Healing
6. Protective Blessings Empowerment.
7. Karuna Ki Reiki.
8. Break Free Deep Healing Reiki.
9. Spirit Reiki.
10. Angel Of Communication and Expression.
11. Amazonite Energy.
12. Aura Reiki.
13. Breakthrough Reiki.
14. Chakra Balancing Mudra Empowerment.
15. Chakra Healing.
16 . Flush Empowerment.
17. Depression Flush.
18. Devas Protection Healing.
19. Getting Clear Empowerment.
20. Heartbreak Healing.
21. Jealousy Flush Empowerment.
22. Self-esteem  Flush.
23. Relationship Transformation Reiki.
24. Amethyst Ray of Peace and Transmutation.
25. Divine Harmony Attunement 1.
26. Divine Harmony Attunement 2.
27. Divine Harmony Attunement 3.
28. Karmic Auric Reiki.
You will receive: 
The attunements. 
The manuals. 
A template certificate. 
Guidance before and after.

Lineage available on request.

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 £30.00 Only