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Reiki Attunements: Become empowered and heal your life.

A Reiki attunement is a powerful sacred ceremony that opens up your chakras to make you a channel for healing energy. Once you have received the reiki attunements, you become a healer and are able to heal yourself.

Healing is very important to maintain your health and vitality. 

you can use the energy to heal yourself, friends family and the public.

Reiki helps you to heal the mind body spirit and soul, and each time you receive reiki attunements you are getting a cleansing of all lower energies and raising your vibration.

Reiki clears out blockages from the energy field, can help with many areas of your life you have felt stuck or stagnant in.

You can use the reiki attunements for personal self development and if you ever feel the calling you can take it up professionally, the choice is yours. 

Reiki Attunements Package:

This package offers many different types of reiki attunements to help you progress in many different areas of your life with the goal of self healing.

The benefits of this package:

Releases stuck energy that is blocking you,releases stress and tention, helps with relationship issues,brings abundance and prosperity and helps in achieving your goals and life purpose.

You will receive the following: Attunements done in chi balls  All the Manuals,A template certificate, and Guidance before and after if needed.

1. Emotional Healing Vibration

2. Inner Strength Reiki

3. ILI-ahi Energy Attunements

4. Higher Light Shield Protection

5. Divine Energy Transformer

6. Protection Flow Reiki

7. Greatness Empowerment

8. Divine Clearing Ray

9. Emotional Care

10. Vortex Laser Reiki

11. Courage and Strength Reiki

12. Angry Words Flush

13. Energetic Aura Reiki

14. Body Toxic Cleansing

15. Power Break Empowerment

16. El Moyra Healing System

17. Protection Healing Orb

18. Earth Connect Reiki

19. Heart care

20. Body care

 £35,00 only

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