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Protection Package

There are many unseen forces that can cause harm to us and unless we protect ourselves, we find ourselves suffering in our day to day lives. Negative energies, cause us to feel unwell and can cause feelings of insecurity, unease, self doubt and fear, these energies stop the person feeling whole and can completely disrupt your life and bring misfortune and unhappiness. It is important for everyone to practice protection, the ordinary person goes to work and comes back feeling depleted and drained, this is because without knowing your energy has been mixed with another's energy and has drained you making you feel sick and depleted. These are the effects of not being protected it lets in the dark forces who work against anyone who is unprotected, and if you are not focused on being protected and safe, adverse effects are the result. If you have been the target of psychic attack, spiritual disturbance, insomnia, energy drain, irritability with no obvious reason, this package is a powerful means of self defence and protection. The package can banish stress, calm anxiety, bring stability of emotions, it teaches you to protect yourself in all ways protecting you from dark and negative energies and those that wish to harm you.If there are attunements, you have received before you can swap them with another one from the site.

You will receive the following:

All the attunements and empowerment's listed below,done in chi balls.

All the Manuals,

Guidance and Advice,

Template certificate,

1.Elohim of the 7 Th Ray/Arcturus and Victoria.

2.Elohim of the 7 Th Ray/Apollo and Lumina

3.Elohim of the 7 Th Ray/Cleopatra and Virgina

4.Angel Of Space Clearing Empowerment

5.Aura Empowerment Reiki

6.Blockage Removal Reiki

7.The Bold Warrior Goddess within Healing System Healing System.

8.Break Free Deep Clearing Reiki

9.Ceremonial White Magic

10.Chakra Auric Field Clearing

11.Empath Protection Activation and clearing

12.Etheric Clearing 1 Sequence



15.Getting Clear Ray





20.Outside Influence Protection Empowerment

21.Protective Blessings Empowerment

22.Psychic Contamination Flush

23.Pyramid Reiki

25.Spirit Reiki

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