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Prosperity and Success Package
I have put together this very special prosperity and success package to help you to achieve prosperity and success. Through the carefully selected attunements, you will be attuned and gain knowledge to help you achieve abundance of and prosperity. The energy helps you to release blocks that sabotage you, and hold you back, giving you the power to achieve your life's goals. Attracts good luck, good fortune and success.
You will progress in many ways such as: releasing all that stands between you and prosperity and success.
Removing negative emotions and helping you to move forward in life, helping you achieve big and increasing abundance and happiness.
It helps you to release and heal and It brings out your creative side.
Each reiki attunement will help you in a different area of your life, and the healing energy you receive with the attunements will help you bring yourself back into balance, bringing you prosperity and success.
You will receive: the manuals,the attunements and a template certificate.
To receive the prosperity and success attunements package, simply click on the PayPal button below. My email for any questions is:
1.All is Well Activation (counts as 7 choices)
2.Attraction Magnet Empowerment (counts as 7 choices)                                                 
3.Credit and Currency Empowerment (counts as 3 choices)
4.Divine Energy Transformer 
5.Earth Blessing Empowerment
6.Eye of a Miracle Empowerment (counts as 7 choices)
7.Flame of Universal Love
8.Greatness Empowerment (counts as 7 choices)
9.Grounding Empowerment (Hari) (counts as 2 choices)
10.Guru Ram Das Miracle Empowerment
11.Happiness Sublimation (counts as 12 choices)
12.Healing Flush 1 and 2
13.Healing Flush 3 and 4
14.Healing Flush 5 and 6
15.Lakshmi Seichim
16.Personal Power Healer Balancer Empowerment
17.Prosperity Consciousness Empowerment 
18.Prosperity Flow Reiki
19.Universal Abundance Level One
20.Universal Abundance Level Two
21.Universal Abundance Level Three
22.Universal Abundance Level Four
23.Universal Abundance Level Five
24.Universal Abundance Booster Angelic Link Level 6
You will receive the following:
1.The reiki attunements,done in chi balls,
2.The manuals,
3.A template certificate,
4.Guidance and support,
5.Lineage available on request.
On special offer for £30.00 Limited time period.Click on the PayPal button below to purchase.