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Money Reiki Package.

This Powerful Money Reiki Package will help you to attract money and abundance into your life; it releases the issues affecting you and your thoughts, which hold you back from being abundant, removes negative feelings and attitudes towards money, beliefs, social conditioning and poverty consciousness. Once your layers have been healed and released, you may start attracting abundance of, prosperity and money. When you are in alignment with the frequency of energies, you can attract successful opportunities to you.
I do chi ball option available only to keep my prices at the lowest cost to you.

You will receive the following:
1. All the attunements listed below.
2. Course Manuals.
3. Template Certificate.
4. Guidance and Support all the way along.
The Attunements are:
1.Abundance Mandala Empowerment.
2.Abundance Prosperity Manifest Empowerment.
3.Abundant Mindset.
4.Abundant Purpose Attunements 1.9
5.Allowing Abundance.
6.Amazonite Energy.
7.Attraction Reiki.
8.Desire Manifestation.
9.Diamond of Prosperity.
10.Gabriel's Financial Empowerment.
11.Gods Wealth.
12.Magnetic Money Booster Infusion.
13.Miracle Manifestation Amplification System 1-13.
14.Procrastination Flush.
15.Prosperity Course.
16.Prosperity Clearing.
17.Prosperity Activation.
18.Soul Money Empowerment.
19.Everyday Manifesting Empowerment.
20.Celestial Abundance.
21.Money Reiki For a New Reality.
22.Money Reiki 1,2,3.
23.Orb Of Abundance.
24.Raphael and the Angels of Money.
25.Angel Of Abundance Empowerment.
26.Money Protection Reiki.
27.Sacred Green Money.
28.Saint Germain and Raphael Prosperity Empowerment.
29.Success Prosperity Ray.
30.Full Abundance.
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 £30.00 only