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Buy 1 Attunements Package get an angel healing free. Mention to me you are taking this offer.

Full Attunements Package

Welcome, with this package, it offers you the opportunity to start up a business of your own, experience many wonderful attunements, feel and learn many different types of Reiki, increase your psychic ability and improve your special gifts that you were given at birth, learn many different techniques for healing others and yourself, learn about different subjects cultures, on so on . You will receive the following: Attunements, the Manuals and a template certificate. Take as much time as you need to complete the courses , you will receive the attunement manuals up front or when I send the attunement you take, whichever you prefer everything done at your own speed and time that's suits you. I will be there for you, guide you and answer any questions you might have.  The attunements are done in Chi ball. If you have done some of the attunements you may swap them with a different attunements. To receive the full attunements package, please click on the paypal button below. For the quality of attunements you are getting this really is a very special price.  Attunements done in chi ball only.                            


1.Angel of Abundance Empowerment.

2.Angel Garadiel's Energy Empowerment.

3. Anger Release Empowerment.

4. Animal Ascension Reiki.

5. Answered Prayers Reiki.

6.Archangel Zaphael Link.

7. Ashtar's Healing Rays.

8. Awakening the Guardians.

9. DNA Flush Empowerment. 

10.Empath Protection Activation and Clearing. 

11.environmental Stress Removal. 

12.Eternal Healing Light. 

13.Etheric Clearing Attunement Seq. #1. 

14. Entity Removal Etheric Clearing Attunement Seq #2.

15.Angel Light Healing System.

16.Astral star Master. 

17.Blessings of the Prosperity Angels.

18.Break Free Deep Healing Reiki.

19. Bold Warrior Within Healing System. 

20. Celestial Abundance. 

21. Chakra Auric Field Healing. 

22.Clearing 8 Undesirable Pattern Clearing.

23.Clearing Symptoms Reiki.

24. Companion Angel Empowerment's.

25.Christ Consciousness Healing.

26. Christ Healing Energy.

27.Crossroads Energy Empowerment.

28. DNA 4 Success. 

29. Lady Diana Initiation. (free with purchase)

30. Energetic Salt Bath Empowerment.

31. Energetic Alignment 1-7.

32.Energy and Magic of Fairies.

33. Energy of Success and Prosperity of Angel Anauel.

34. Familiar Spirits Empowerment.

35. Fairy Realms Reiki.

36.Fearless Reiki.

37.Full Abundance.

38.Full Body Flush. (free with purchase)

39. Get Unstuck Empowerment.

40. God Vibration Mastery 1. 

41.God Vibration Mastery 2.

42. Golden Self Transcendence.

43. Golden Light by Ole Gabriel

44. Good Fortune Prosperity Empowerment.

45. Grounding Flush Empowerment. 

46. Happiness Flush Empowerment.

47. Heart's Desires Activation Program - 10 Activations. 

48. Higher Self Journey Activation Program. 

49. Healing Spirit Team (free with purchase)

50. Indigo Light Empowerment.

51.Inner Angel Awakening Empowerment.

52. Isis Seichim.

53. Isis Star free with purchase.

54. Karmic Illness Flush Empowerment. 

55. Inner Child Healing

56. Karmic Relationships Clearing.

57. Lakshmi Empowerment by Stephanie Brail.

58. Love, Forgiveness and Magic of the Angels.

59. Mary and Jesus Attunement by Ole Gabrielsen.

60. Melchizedek Synthesis Ray Activation          

61. Mastering Destiny Empowerment

62. Magical Crystal Light worker Program. 

63. Magical Light worker Program. 

64.Meditation Flush Empowerment. 

65. Manifesting Wealth Empowerment. 

66.Meridian Reiki.

67. Money Freedom Empowerment.

68. Mother Mary Initiation.

69. Money Reiki for a New Reality.

70. Money Reiki Level One. 

71. Money Reiki Level Two. 

72. Money Reiki Level Three. 

73. Negative Entities Clearing Reiki.

74. Negativity Flush Empowerment.

75. Orb of Abundance.

76. Orgone Life Force.

77. Perfect identity Energy System.

78.Psychic Gifts Flush Empowerment.

79. Pure Flame Energy Healing.

80.Pure Potency Energy.

81. Protective Blessings Empowerment.

82. Psychic Contamination Flush.

83. Purple Fire for Karma Cleansing.

84. Pure Heart Reiki Master.

85.Pyramid Reiki.

86.  Raphael and the Angels of Money Empowerment.

87. Rays of Angels Oracle.

88.Re birthing Clearing Attunement.

89.Reiju Empowerment.

90.Sacred Green Money. 

91.Sacred Geometry Reiki.

92. Scarcity Mentality Flush Empowerment. 

93. Scarcity Releases Empowerment.

94. Serapis Beys White Ray Empowerment.

95.Seven Soul Characteristics.

96.Shamanic Reiki                                

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  . 97.Shamanic Empowerment

98. Sea Salt Energy.

99. Spirit Guide Journey Empowerment Program.

100. St. Germain and Raphael Prosperity Empowerment.

101. Success Prosperity Ray.

102. Spiritual Transition empowerment.

103. Success Flush.

104. Victim Mentality Flush Empowerment.

105. Warrior Spirit of Goddess Morrigan Empowerment.

106. Weight Loss Reiki. 

107.Worthiness Reiki.

108. Abundance Flush 1-6.(counts as 3

109. Akashic Records.

110. Ama Deus.

111.Amara-Omni Attunement.

112. Angelic Empowerment's.

113. Angel Stones.

114. Angel Light.

115. Attraction Reiki.

116. Bear Reiki.

117. Blue Star Reiki.

118. Celtic Reiki.

119. Celtic Wisdom System.

120. Chakra Healing Attunement.

121. Chakra Flush Empowerment.

122. Colours of Angels.

123. Divine Light Reiki.

124. Dolphin Trilogy.

125.Elemental Reiki.

126. Elixirs I and II.

127. Elven Healing.

128. Empowerment Reiki.

129. Ethereal Crystals.

130. Ethereal Flowers.

131. Excalibur Reiki.

132. Fairy Light Reiki.

133. Full Spectrum Healing Reiki Master.

134. Gold Reiki.

135. Golden Ray Empowerment.

136. Golden Star Activation.

137. Golden Triangle.

138. Green Tara Seichim.

139. Hawaiian Trinity Reiki.

140.Imara Reiki.

141. Inner Beauty Attunement.

142. Inner Light Reiki.

143. Inner Sun Reiki.

144. Isis Blue Moon.

145.Karmic Reiki Master.

146.Karuna Ki Reiki Master.

147. Ki Manna.

148. Kundalini Reiki.

149. Kundalini Reiki Boosters.

150. Light Dream Reiki.

151.Lunar Light Reiki.

152.Medicine Buddha Reiki.

153.Money Reiki.

154.Orb of Life.

155.Phoenix Rising.

156. Reiki Psychic Attunement.

157. Run Valder Runic Reiki.

158. Sacred Earth Reiki.

159. Sacred Flames.

160. Sacred Geometry Reiki.

161. Sacred Stones Activation.

162. Sapphires of Angels.

163.Self Love Reiki.

164.Seven Pearls of Reiki.

165. Silver Violet Flame.

166. Solar Light.

167. Spirit Reiki Master.

168.Telos Healing.

169. Tibetan Reiki.

170. TIbetan Soul Star Reiki Master.

171. Tiger Reiki.

172. Universal Rays.

173. Violet Flame Reiki.

174.Violet Light Reiki.

175.White Dove Reiki.

176.You Are Love Activation.