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Karuna Ki Reiki Reiki Master. Pre-requirement Reiki Master.

Karuna Ki is an advanced energy system for Reiki Masters who want to progress to a higher level.

Karuna Ki teaches about Compassion, Love and Forgiveness and deals with many more issues, with regular use of the 12 symbols and the 65 page manual you may make great progress to healing your life.

Karuna Ki means ‘Compassionate energy’, and focuses on healing  the heart chakra, helping you to be a creative expression of love and beauty It focuses on compassion and understanding. This amazing form of energy is ranked level 4 on the Reiki scale (Usui Reiki being levels 1-3)

The basic principle is to be compassionate in your daily life when ever you can. Karuna Ki Reiki  is a unique healing system and if you work with this system you can get amazing results.

You will receive:

A Distant Attunements to Master Level.

A 65 Page Karuna Ki Reiki Manual.

A Certificate. 

Email support. 

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