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Heartbreak Healing Package
This package is designed to heal and release Heartbreak. It helps release you from the pain and hurt caused by the love you feel for another not being returned to you in the way you wanted or needed, and to get over the trauma and confusion is causes, it helps you to be soothed in unconditional love from the creator who cares for and loves you all of the time, this package is what you need to begin the journey back to health and well being and I will be there to support you if you need.

You will go through a healing of your subtle energetic bodies to allow your body mind and spirit to feel some peace and love so you feel cared for and supported. You will begin you shed the layers of hurt feelings, abandonment and fear you may be feeling at starting anew, and it will help you to let go of the conditions, barriers and person, pet or loved one who hurt you or left you. This clearing will remove karmic patterns in karmic relationships so that your life and relationships with others can be transformed.

 It will remove the damage that hurt your relationships and help you to let go of blocked emotions. It helps you to let go of the hurt, anger, pain, revengeful feeling and all those emotions you have felt trapped by, and start to heal the damage that's been caused. If you have given your heart away to an unworthy person, lost someone you love, if your grieving over the loss of a pet, been betrayed, or anything that has broken your heart and made you feel sad then this package will help you. It will help you to heal your heart and wounds, which will help you to heal and become well. Holding on to this pain has been known to cause ill health and therefore it is very important to work on mending the wounds and broken heart. I will be there for you, whenever you need me.

You will start to heal your heart from heartbreak, the more healing you do the quicker you will get over the pain, this is why I give you 5 healings in this package followed with help and guidance all the way along. The speed of recovery is down to the individual and the amount of help and support they are getting, how quick you heal depends on you and how willing you are to let go and release the pain. This package will help you get over the pain, release your suffering, heal your heart and emotions bring you back to feeling centered and at peace all in your own time, I will lift you to a higher level where you are able to heal, forgive and become less attached to the situation. After the first attunement you can put your hands on your chest after the attunement for as long as you want to heal the pain the more healing you do the quicker you will get over the pain, this can be quick or long process it depends on you and how willing you are to let go and release the pain. The attunement will lift you to a higher level where you are able to heal, forgive and become less attached to the situation.

You will receive the following:

1. Heartbreak healing Attunement

2. 5 Heartbreak Healings

3.Archangel Raphael's Healing System

4. Emerald Light Vortex

5.Clearing Symptoms Empowerment

6.Break Free Deep Clearing Reiki

7.Energetic Alignments Attunement

8.Acceptance Flush Empowerment

9.Amazonite Energy

10.Amethyst Ray of Peace and Transmutation

11.Angel of Communication and Expression

12.Aura Reiki

13.Angel of Healing Addictive Behavior

14.Angelic Cellular Healing

15.Breakthrough Reiki

16.Chakra Balancing Mudra Empowerment

17.Chakra Healing I (Hari Winsaro)

18.Communication Flush Empowerment

19.Compassion and Gifts of Kuan Yin

20.Concentration Energy Empowerment

21.Depression Flush

22.Divine Healing

23.Guilt Release Reiki

24.Getting Clear Empowerment

25.Jealousy Flush Empowerment

26.Karmic Auric Reiki

27.Lighten the Load Reiki

28.Multidimensional Awareness Clearing and Activation

29.Oneness Reiki

30.Pain Release Anointing Flush

31.Self Esteem Flush

32.One Day At A Time Reiki

33.Spiritual Transmutation and Purification Activation

34.Angel of Peace - LW Series

35.Archangel Raphael by E. Hibel

36.Brain Heart Connection

37.Body Care Reiki

38.Body Toxic Reiki

39.Courage and Strength Reiki

40.Divine Energy Transformer

41.Divine Lights Downloads

42.Divine Protection Reiki

43.Emotional Care

44.Energetic System Repair

45.Energy Builder Attunements

46.Healing Flush 1 and 2

47.Healing Flush 3 and 4

48.Healing Flush 5 and 6

49.High Heart Chakra Clearing and Activation System

40.Inner Strength Reiki

41.Intuition Booster

42.Light of Zaphrael Initiation

43.Light of Zaphrael Love and Peace

44.Light of Zapharel Passion and Enthusiasm

45.Light of Zapharel Clear Vision and Understanding

46.Light of Zapharel Protection and Guidance

47.Light of Zapharel Love and Acceptance

48.Light of Zapharel Love and Peace Alignment

49.Nerve Care Reiki

50.Old Energies Release Flush

51.Peace Flame

52.Trauma Care

A Template certificate for you to fill up

The Manuals

Guidance and Support

Attunements are done in chi balls.

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