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Healing and restoration Package

This package helps to heal you and restore your energy. It is especially good for those with cold and flue as it helps to flush the system of toxins and build up that can be removed through energy attunements.

The package also helps a variety of symptoms such as and not limited to,

exhaustion,stress and anxiety, emotional issues, stomach issues, circulation,increasing and building the immune system, heals heartbreak and hurt from emotional loss,it is a great detoxifier, speeds healing and cleanses the mind body and spirit.

You will receive all the attunements listed. The method I use to attune you is the chi ball method, which means you can receive the attunements anytime and day that you want and they do not expire.

You will receive the manuals, and a template certificate to fill up if required.

Linage is available on request as with all my attunements.

Cost £50 Only Please pay via paypal to email


1. Light Source Reiki

2. Lotus Healer

3. Love and Heart Care Frequencies

4. Lunar Radiance

5. Mental Aid Kit

6. Mental Flush 1&2

7. Nature Relaxation Resonance

8. Nautilus Spiral Chamber Energy

9. Parental Pattern Flush

10. Peace Flame

11.Positive Reality Radiance Enhance

12.Post Traumatic Stress Relief

13. Refreshing Power Radience

14. Rejuvenation Empowerment 

15. Releasing Anxiety Reiki

16. S.A.D Flush 

17.Serotonin Flush

18. Star Energetic Charger

19. Sunstone Light body Attunement

20. Universal Vibrant Light

21. Violet Ray Protection Flux

22. Violet Shooting Spectrum

23. Vitamin and Mineral Assimilation

24. Waterfall Energy Transmission

25. Willpower Energy Support

26. Wonderful Blast of Refresher

27. Anxiety Energetic Block

28. Aura Energy influx

29. Beautiful Calm Energy

30. Blue Light Elixir

31. Celestial Rose Essence

32. Charolite Essence Energy

33. Clear Decisiveness

34. Crystal Light Flush

35. Earth Energetic Circuit

36. Earth star Super Radiance

37. Emotional Balance Assistance

38. Emotional Stability Booster

39. Energetic Bubbles Blast

40. Energetic Heat Infusion System

42. Fear Disorders Reiki

43. Fire Matrix Energetic

44. Generalised Anxiety Disorder Flush

45. Golden Healing

46. Heart Light

47. Heliodor Light Higher Force

48. High Spirit Flush

49. Higher Emotional Flux

50. Inner Piece Light