Reiki Master's healing light Academy

Love and Light wherever you are

Meditation for sending energy to the earth and becoming connected to heaven and earth.


Relax take two deep breaths, Visualise yourself growing roots out of your feet and root chakra, into the ground. Visualise a white light inside your chest moving up your throat chakra and out into the universe, bringing heaven together. From the roots in the ground bring up earth energy combine the energy and you are one with heaven and earth. Visualise energy flowing down from source to the earth healing the earth, do this for 5 or more minutes.

When you are ready bring yourself back feel your physical body and when you feel grounded open your eyes.


Relaxation Meditation.

Find a quiet time to relax . Sit or lay down play relaxing music without words in it. Light a candle and make yourself very comfortable.Take 3 very deep breath in through your nose hold the breath for 3 seconds and release out  through your mouth to a count to 3 Start to feel your body relaxing starting with your feet, all the way to the top of your head relaxing all the muscles. look at the picture focus on 1 spot on the picture and allow the picture to relax you even more. When your ready bring your awareness back to the room feeling fresh and refreshed.


Worthiness Meditation, click on the link to open the meditation.
Angel Meditation.

Make yourself very comfortable laying down or sitting if you tend to fall asleep when laying down. Imagine white light coming into your crown chakra, filling your crown chakra feel it removing negative energy and filling you with feelings of peace, then feel the energy moving down into your head cleansing and purifying your thoughts, now the white light moves on into the throat chakra filling your throat chakra with white light feel communication blocks being released, moving into the shoulders and arms feel the white light cleansing the area now the light moves down into your chest filling your chest with light balancing the emotions, feel the white light in your back cleansing and releasing any tension in your back, moving down into your solar plexus area which is the area around your stomach and liver feel this area full of light cleansing and balancing your center, now the energy moves down into your sacral chakra cleansing and releasing blocked energy, feel the white light pouring into your root chakra balancing your root chakra, now imagine you have roots growing out of your feet going deep into the ground grounding you. Now you are ready to invoke the angels.

I invoke Archangel Michael, Archangel Michael please come to me, I ask you to protect me through out this meditation, please pour courage and strength into me and release me from my fears. Archangel Metatron please help integrate the energies I am receiving in this meditation, Metatron's please  keep my thoughts free of clutter so that I am ready and able to receive the truths that will allow me to be the best I can be. Please help connect me to my own truth and higher self and bring me positive results to all my endeavours.

Archangel Gabriel Please purify my thoughts bring me divine messages, please purify and release all toxins from my body and mind and please help me to overcome fear and procrastination, please release me from any negative energies that I may have absorbed and bring me inner peace and harmony.

I call on Archangel Uriel to bring me wisdom and a smoother road ahead and to guide me along the way.

I call on Ariel to heal and protect all animals including peoples pets, please protect all abused animals and get them the help they need.

I call on Archangel Raphael the most powerful healer to help me heal my life, bring me peace, balance, harmony and prosperity and blessings thank you.

I call on archangel Jophiel to bring divine wisdom, help in assimilating knowledge learnt to increase memory, to bring beautiful divine light to brighten up my path and bring good health and good fortune.

I invoke Archangel Raguel I call on him to empower me and to resolve arguments, please bring cooperation and good communication with all people and families, Raguel please defend the unfairly treated, and provides support and guidance disputes.

I invoke archangel Chamuel to bring me what I need to help me progress in my life.

I thank all the Archangels for there beautiful help. In your own time come back to full waking consciousness now ground your self by imagining you are a tree and roots are coming out of your feet into the ground, then have a full glass of water.

Deep Healing Meditation

Take a few deep breaths and calm your mind.

Feel yourself becoming very relaxed, your enter into a room, this room is full of large and small crystals the colours are very vivid and come to life,  look around the room and experience the many beautiful colours there are blue crystals ,green  crystals yellow crystals purple crystals  and many other coloured crystals, you see coloured doors red,blue,,green and purple go through the coloured door of your choice what do you see, the room is a healing room it has sofas, cushions, candles, flowers and many beautiful things inside, look around the room you feel so peaceful and Serene here find a place to lie down in your luxury room and relax for a while, as many angels come and surround you now and give you healing, feel the presence of the angels as they surround you with beautiful energy healing and releasing your worries. Archangel Michael helps you release the pressures of your daily life and with your permission cuts your negative cords and attachments that cause you stress and tension, you feel freed and happy because he helps you to let go and feel peace. Archangel Gabriel purifiers you and Arch angel Jophiel brings you wisdom and Archangel Chamuel gives you healing to your heart and surrounds you with love. You say thank you to the archangels who have healed you you start to notice the healing room you are in you get up and walk out of the healing room, now you start to slowly come back to normal waking consciousness, with your eyes closed stretch your arms and legs start to feel your physical body bring your awareness back to the room you are in and when you feel present in your physical body open your eyes.