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Fearless Reiki.


There are 2 types of fear: 

1.Healthy fear which is a natural fear, which is there to signal and help keep us out of danger, without this we can end up in trouble.

2. Irrational fear is an imagined fear, which we create in our minds, scaring ourselves from imagined situations that come from being hurt or harmed in the past.


Irrational fear is unhealthy and fearless reiki works to heal this inappropriate fear, it helps to release and let go of the fears, anxieties, nervousness, tension and panic that is created by the things that scare us. This system will help to overcome your fears and to help move you into a more peaceful space, where you can move forward, this system is powerful and will help you in many ways.

I highly recommend this attunement for anyone wants to progress in there life and overcome there fears and phobias.


This distance attunement is sent to you in real time or via chi ball method which ever you prefer.

With this distant attunement you will receive the following:


1. Fearless Reiki Distant attunement.

2. A Manual in PDF Format.

3. A Certificate, which is sent via email.


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