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Crystals and there uses.

Crystals are very good healers, the energy of crystals has been used for practically every known condition and crystals will help you change your life for the better.

When buying crystals for your self go to the shop and scan your eyes around the crystals in the shop then through your feelings see which one catches your attention and draws you to it, or you can close your eyes then open them and see where your eyes go to which crystal, each crystal has an angel with it, you can communicate with this angel through your spiritual senses.

Buy a sage smudge stick or loose sage and charcoal and when you get home. Burn some sage and put your crystal in the sage saying I cleanse this crystal of all negative energy,  this is called cleansing crystals and is very important as crystals absorb energy.  

With your chosen crystal hold it in your right hand and if you are a reiki healer switch on your reiki energy and intend that the energy fill the stone do this for 3 to 5 minutes or longer for big crystals and say I empower you to help me with ......... and state your goal such as relaxation, success, healing whatever your need is. This is called charging the crystal.

Now carry the crystal on you to help you with your purpose, holding it often and cleansing it as often as you feel like. If you feel you don't want the crystal around you this is because it needs cleansing. If you are stressed then cleansing should be done very often at least 3 times a day.

Good choices of crystals to keep on you or in your space.

Red Jasper Good for new ideas and survival instinct.

Garnet, used for encouragement, creative energy, motivation, and change.

Carnelian is a great crystal to help you to feel better if you been feeling sad, helps with study,memory,  motivation and balances the emotions.


Citrine is a happy stone,, brings joy fun it is very good for your solar plexus. It is also known as a stone that can bring you material abundance and happiness.

Yellow Apatite Balances all the chakras and calms the throat also good for arthritis.

Seraphinite, good for relationships, nurturing and stabilizes emotions of the heart.

Bloodstone brings courage, vitality, healing to the chest and gets rid of toxins.

Rose quarts (pink) Brings love, healing of the heart, balancing emotions related to love.

Blue lace agate Improves communication on all levels it is gentle calming and soothing to the emotions.

Amethyst is good for bringing relaxation and peace of mind to the user is soothes conflict and eases tension, releases headaches, clears blockages and calms the emotions.

Quarts( white) Master Healer can be programed for almost anything, Good for removing negativity in a house.(Make sure you cleanse often).