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Celtic Reiki level 1.2.3

Celtic Reiki discovered by Martyn Pentecost,Celtic Reiki is a variation of Usui Reiki which uses vibrations of the Earth and specific trees and shrubs in order to create an environment suitable for healing and manifestation. this is an Earth energy and so it is channelled upwards through the lower chakras rather than through the crown chakra, in traditional systems.

The Reiki energy mimics the frequency of various plants and trees so as to work in accordance with channelled and Celtic Wisdom. Celtic Reiki uses various symbols which are based on the ancient Druid alphabet.

There are three levels of Celtic Reiki and you must start by being attuned to Celtic Level 1 even if you are an experienced Usui Reiki Practitioner or Master, And as with Usui Reiki, it is advised that a period of adjustment, integration of energies and learning of techniques and materials takes place between each attunement level.

At least a week is advised but you may feel that a longer period of adjustment and learning are appropriate. There are six symbols to learn with each level. Master level gives you the opportunity to teach and pass on this energy to others.


You will receive the following:


1.3 Distant Attunements.

2.A pdf manual.

3.A certificate.

4.Guidance and Support.

5.Lineage is available on request.

 £9.99 Only