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Blue Star Celestial Healing System. Prerequisite, Reiki Master.

Blue Star Celestial Energy, is a wonderful energy to work with, It is a natural healing method of truth and light. The energies of blue star Reiki help to protect and preserve our existence, through time and space by helping us gain knowledge of the ascended masters and deities, their symbols, and words of power.

 Blue Star Celestial Energy is a transmission of spiritual ability, to bring god and man closer together to work together. This helps you to use this potential and to function at expanded levels of consciousness and awareness.

  Blue Star Celestial Energy Offers a way though, the universal door allowing you to continue to search for knowledge, enlightenment and sharing with all divine beings.

  Blue Star helps with the immediate benefits of protection, health, financial gain and spiritual development, the manual is huge and has lot of information about this wonderful system.

 The Attunements increase the vibrational levels enhancing spiritual development.

 The main aim of this beautiful healing system is towards growth,healing, protection, enlightenment and peace and harmony.

With Blue Star Celestial Energy healing system you will receive:

2 Comprehensive Manuals, the Practitioner manual is 34 pages long and the Masters manual is 37 pages long.

A Blue Star Celestial Energy Healing Attunements.

A Certificate to master level.  

Guidance as needed.

                                                                       £10.00 Only