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Adrenal Care Reiki, click on the picture for more information.




Adrenal Care Shakti™ actively attends to reverse adrenal fatigue. Over active adrenals or lack of function can make many other systems in your body go awry. If you have problem's sleeping, lack of energy, new allergy problems, musculoskeletal, autoimmune, metabolic or hormonal issues, your adrenals could be in need of assistance. Stress causes problems for your adrenals. Adrenal Care Shakti™ brings harmonization within the body that helps many-body systems work in synergy instead of against one another.


Regaining the proper hormone quantity and type produced and released.


Better sleep quality and quantity,


Less joint and muscle pain,


Regaining normal energy levels,


Reduced allergy response,


Mental function and attitude increases to healthy levels,


Other organs and glands in your body start to function better,


Blood sugar levels and metabolic rates improve to normal for you,


Your kidney function improves and edema reduces,


You feel your well-being and, health improve in many ways when your various body systems and organs are in accord with one another energetically, they work together much better, and you feel better!


You will receive the following:


1. Attunement,


2. Manual,


3. Certificate,


4. Guidance and support,


5. Lineage available on request.


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