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God Vibration Mastery Series 2 Click on the picture for more information.



The second sequence of God Vibration Mastery Sequences or called “God Vibration Mastery II”. You can take this sequence minimum 3 days after you take the God Vibration Mastery I. This sequence consist of :

*Cosmic Rays Of Light.

*Divine Love Powers Attunement.

*Holy Spirit Attunement.

*I AM Presence Initiation & Alignment.

*Radiance Of God Attunement.

*White Light Body Attunement.

*Omniverse Attunement.

*Passion Of God.

*Magical Powers Attunement.

*Omnipotence & Omniscience Empowerment.

*Manifestation Of God.

God vibration mastery series II Attunements

God vibration Mastery Manual

God Vibration Certificate of Qualification

Guidance and support as needed.

You will receive the following quality attunements free:

1)  Ashtars Healing Rays.

2)  Break Free Deep Healing Reiki.

3) Get Unstuck Empowerment

4) Meditation Flush Empowerment

5) Archangel Michael Protection Flame

You will receive the following:

1. The attunement,

2. The manual,

3.The certificate,

4. Lineage available on request,

5. Guidance and support,

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