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Animal Healers Attunement Package.

Animal reiki helps you to care for and heal your pets and other people's animals, because the reiki goes to the problem area in the animal, and releases the cause of disease. Reiki helps traumatised animals to recover and you can help your loved animal's to feel balanced and healed. Animal reiki cares for, helps, heals and nourishes your pet's. It releases blockages and stress, helps you to help and benefit your animal's greatly.

If you love animals and would love to help animals, want to heal your pet's, want to work with or help animals, would  like to heal your friends animals, would like to heal stray animals, would like to heal animals you meet on the street then this package is for you.

This Attunement Package is great for animal lovers and for those wishing to make a difference to the lives of animals.

You will receive these attunements below done in chi balls.

1. Dog Empowerment

2. Animal Empowerments

3. Angel's of the Earth- Animal Healing

4. Awakening of the Guardian

5. Bear Reiki

6. Dolphin Trilogy Reiki

7. Tiger Reiki

8. White Dove Reiki

9. Animal Protection Reiki

10. Aquamarine Dolphin Healing

11. Birds of Paradise Quintessence

12.Blue Bird Attunement

13. Crow Empowerment

14. Dolphin Rainbow Chakra Healing System

15. Dolphin Spirit Manual

16. Dolphin Whale Empowerment

17. Dolphin White Wave

18. Elephant Medicine Empowerment

19. Great Horned Owl Empowerment

20. Hawk Empowerment

21. Horse Empowerment

22. Koala Reiki

23. Lion Reiki

24. Scarab Reiki

25. Swan Empowerment

26. White Wolf Empowerment

You will receive:

* The Attunements sent by chi ball.

* The manuals.

*A Template Certificate.

* Guidance before and after.

*Lineage available on request.

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