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Angel and Reiki attunements

Angels are messengers of God, angels will help you with any situation you may be facing, they are powerful beings of light, created by God to help us and are pure love and light as they have never been to earth(except 2 who lived on earth and then ascended).

Each Angel has a different energy and strength and it is wise to learn about them so you know who to call in an emergency. Angels are very easy to recognise because you will feel the change when they come to you.

Angels love to help us and there are no restrictions, no task is to big or too small, just make sure your request is aligned with love and ask for as many things as you would like, always say thank you to your angel afterwards. Angels delight in helping us, and can be with many of us simultaneously(at the same time).In the manual you will learn so much about angels and how they can help you change the things you don't like in your life.

This Package offers many different types of Angel Attunements and healing systems that help you transform your life with the help of the angels.

Benefits of this package:

Releases stuck energy that is blocking you, releases stress and tension, helps with relationship issues, brings abundance and prosperity, helps in achieving your goals and life purpose.

This Attunement Package will connect you to all the levels of Angels.

1. Angel Reiki

2. Angel of Light Initiation

3. Angelic Seichim Reiki

4. Atlantean Crystal Angels

5. Blue Star System

6. Divine Light Reiki

7. Light of Archangels

8. Sapphire of Angels

9. The Colour of Angels

10. Angelic Empowerment's

11. Archangel Michael Attunement ( not to be confused with archangel Michael protection flame which is a different attunement)

12. 20 Angel Essence

13.11.11 Angel Attunements

14. 49 Angelic Symbols

15. Angel of Communication and Expression

16. Angel of Healing Addictive Behavior

17. Angelic Cellular Healing

18. Companion Angel Empowerment's

19. Angel Stones

20. Angel of Space Clearing

21.Archangel Zaphael Link

22. Angel Flames

23. Angel Light Worker Program

24. Angel Of Abundance

25. Angel Sphere Of Light

26. Angelic Aura Radiance

27. Archangel Raphael's travellers empowerment

28. Angels And Archangels Angelic Healing 7 Rays

29.Blessings of the Prosperity Angels

30. Inner Angel Awakening

You will receive the following:

1.The attunements, done in chi balls,

2.The manuals,

3.A template certificate,

4.Guidance before and after,

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