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Angel Reiki Master.

Angel Reiki combines angels and reiki, the angels take part in the attunement and a bond is made between you and your angels that you will share for life. Angels are intelligent divine light beings who take an interest and joy in helping us with our life path. There are many angels and each of them are expressions of love just like being in a cloud of love. They never judge you, harm you and they are always give guidance in a loving way that doesn't hurt your feelings. They great to have around you in times of trouble and when they are around you are safe and protected. This attunement bridges the gap between you and your angels and helps you raise your vibration to be able to communicate more easily and clearly. An asset to anyone and better than an alarm. Meaning they are there when you need them.

Angel Reiki is a beautiful system that attunes you to your angels, and you will have the wonderful connections of the four major archangels.

You will receive:

*The attunement to Angel Reiki,

*A manual,

*A certificate,

* Guidance and support,

* Lineage available on request.

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