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Angelic Reiki Package.

Angels are beings of light, that have been sent by the divine to help people and animals to heal and progress in their lives. The angels help with any situation you may be facing and are happy to help you and delight in doing so. Each angel has a different strength and knowing which angel to call on when your in need can make your life much easier. Angels are very good at lifting our burdens and helping us to overcome life challenges, they are eager to help you with anything big or small. This package teaches you all about the angels and archangels as well as about medicine angels, cleansing angels, angels of the planets and crystal angels, with this package you will be able to use the energy to heal yourself and others and know which angels you need to call on and what the angels can help you with. Angel healing can help with:

• Addictions.

• Pain and suffering.

• Healing relationships.

• Releasing depression.

• Heals Animals and Pets.

• Improved Health and Vitality.

• Increase Happiness and peace of mind.

•Increase Concentration and mental focus.

• Relief and less irritability.

• helps bring back a Sense of Purpose.

• Increased Self Awareness.

• helps to think creatively.

• Improves temperament.

•Helps one to relax more and feel calmer.

You will receive all the attunements below:

1.Angels and Unicorn Reiki

2.Angel Journey Activations Program (counts as 10 choices)

3.Angelic Expressions

4.Angel Cherubim Abraxas Attunement
5.Angelic Sugilite
6.Angel of Joy and Relaxation
7.Angel of Cleansing
8.Angel of Peace - LW Series
9.Angel Omniel Empowerment
10.Angels of Ceres
11.Angels of Vesta
12.Angels heart empowerment
13.Angels of Neptune
14.Angels of the Sun
15.Angel Mandala Empowerment.
16.Angels of Uranus
17.Angels of Pallas
18.Angels of Venus
19.Angels of Jupiter
20.Angels of Juno
21.Angels of Mercury
22.Angels of Mars
23.Angels of the Violet Flame (counts as 3 choices)
24.Angelite Stone Energy Attunement
25.Angelic Expressions
26.Angelic Orhanim
27.Angelic Amethyst Essence
28.Angelic Citrine Essence
29.Angelic Malachite (Raphael)
30.Angelic Moonstone (Haniel)
31.Angelic Turqoise(Sandalphon)
32.Angelic Aqua Aura (Raguel)
33.Angelic Lapis LaZuli (Zadquiel)
34.Angelic Resonance (counts as 10 choices)
36.Angelic Senses

You will receive the following:

1.The manuals,

2.The Angel Attunements, done in chi balls,

3.A Template certificate,

4.Guidance and Support,

5.Lineage available on request,

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