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Ancient Egyptian Healing Modalities.Prerequisites Usui Reiki Master.

Isis Blue Moon is an energy originally channeled from Isis (the Throne), the Ancient Egyptian Goddess of Fertility, Motherhood, Magic, Nature, the Harvest and Food. “Temple of Isis Initiation” is included in this Attunement- This Initiation helps to balance and harmonize the energies of Isis Blue Moon Attunement. The Golden Ankh Initiation is given by any one of the Ancient Egyptian Gods/Goddesses. The purpose of the Initiation is to assist you in achieving perfect divine joy and happiness. Cumulative affects are achieved by receiving the Initiation multiple times. This is performed by invoking the energies of the ankh and passing The Golden Globe energy is a beautiful energy, that can be used for healing, protection and other things.

C. Temple of Pyramid Giza Attunement.

The Temple of Pyramid Giza Attunement, the Attunement is given by Sekhmet, Hathor and Amun. The purpose of the attunement is to instill into your being the sense of oneness with God. During the attunement, the following occurs:

• cleansing and clearing of negative karma surrounding Ancient Egypt;

• your energies are aligned to the Temple of Isis in Egypt;

• cleansing and clearing of negative thought-forms about Ancient Egypt;

• you are put on the path of divineness;

• enhancement of your divinity;

• establishment of your holiness;

• the concept of be benevolence instilled into your being. The Attunement may be used for healing and clearing, negative thought-forms by intending the energies of the Temple of Giza to flow into another and can be used distantly by intent.

List of attunements received,

In this course, you will receive the following empowerment's in one distance initiation:

Isis Blue Moon Attunement

Golden Globe Attunement

Temple of Pyramid Giza Attunement

Sacred Cobra Attunement

Sacred Peacock Attunement

Golden Honey Bee Attunement

Sacred Jackal Activation

Sacred Cow Attunement

Heart Of The Desert Initiation

Golden Ankh Initiation

Sacred Sphinx Initiation.


You will receive:

1.The empowerment's.

2.The Manual.

3.A Certificate.

4. Guidance and support.

5. Lineage available on request.

£10.00 Only