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Akal Empowerment to Release Fear.

The Akal Empowerment to Release fear, taps into the energy of a mantra in Gurmukhi that helps to release fear and calm the mind. This energy is extremely powerful yet soothing and it connects the recipient with the undying nature of the eternal soul.

The energies of the empowerment embody the message that we are ultimately safe; eternal souls connected to God who is beyond death. This is one of many ways to release fear, however crystals helps to release fear by absorbing the fear energy into them, the best one in my experience is petersite which you should wear all the time and there are procedures to follow, I also find certain oils are helpful, such as lavender oil.

You will receive the following:

1. Akal Empowerment Attunement to Release Fear.

2. The Manual.

3. A Certificate.

4. Support and Guidance as with all my Attunements and Empowerment's.

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