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Abundance Flush Levels 1-6.

Abundance Flush is an excellent way of clearing away negative thoughts and energy,to make room for positive energy, which has positive effects on abundance and prosperity.

The first flush concentrates on clearing the negative energy around prosperity.

The second level helps create a magnetic field around the individual to draw in more opportunities and prosperity. Levels 3 and 4  provide additional refined energy to work on the subtle energy, the subtle bodies are the spiritual bodies that underline the physical body and form the flush works help to raise the vibration as a whole. Abundance flush is really easy to use and no symbols are needed. Abundance flush levels 5 and 6 works to provide stability and space this is an import part of abundance so you can keep a constant flow of abundance.

This package has no prerequisites, any one can do this course.

You will receive:

1.6 attunements.

2.3 manuals.


4.Email guidance as needed.

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