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70 Attunements Package.

This package helps you to progress in your life through the various challenges life brings, it helps you heal yourself and bring yourself back into balance, you will deal with stress better, heal your body, mind and spirit, and give you the strength to face your challenges, you can progress with angels, chakras, DNA Cleansing, relationships, abundance, releasing stress, releasing pain, healing situations in your life, crystal healing, animal healing, success and protection.  You will receive: the manuals, attunements and a template certificate. Guidance and support unlimited. Finally, the Attunement are done in chi ball.If you have done any of the attunements from this list you are aloud to swap attunements with attunements from my web store.

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£49.00 Only

1. 7 Chakra Source by Ole Gabrielson

2. 20 Angel Essence 
3. 11:11 Angel Attunements

4. 12 Strand DNA Activation (counts as 4 choices)

5. 24 Strand DNA Activation (counts as 4 choices)

6. 36 Strand DNA Activation (counts as 4 choices)

7. Aasta Energy Ray
8. Abundance Mandala Empowerment

9. 49 Angelic Symbols

10. Abundance Prosperity Manifest Empowerment (counts as 4 choices)

11. Abundant Mindset (counts as 4 choices)

12. Abundant Purpose Attunements 1-9 (counts as 3 choices)
13. Acceptance Flush Empowerment.

14. Allowing Abundance
15. Amazonite Energy

16. Amethyst Ray of Peace and Transmutation

17.Ancient Egyptian Light Mantra Initiation

18. Ancient Egyptian Healing Modalities

19. Angel of Communication and Expression

20. Angel of Healing Addictive Behavior

21. Angelic Cellular Healing

22.Animal Path Healing

23. Animal Totem Reiki

24. Apollo’s Ray Course and Attunement

25. Aura Beauty Ray Empowerment

26. Aura Reiki

27. Avalon Crown of Success

28. Avalonian Alignment Program 1 - Earth Star Empowerment

29. Avalonian Alignment Program 2 - Star of Origin Empowerment

30. Avalonian Alignment Program 3 - Star of the Waters Empowerment

31. Avalonian Alignment Program 4 - Star of the Sacred Flame Empowerment

32. Avalonian Alignment Program 5 - Star of the Heart Empowerment

33. Avalonian Alignment Program 6 -Star of the Winds Empowerment

34. Avalonian Alignment Program 7 - Star of Perception Empowerment

35. Avalonian Alignment Program 8 - Star of the Mountain Empowerment

36. Avalonian Alignment Program 9 - Soul Star Empowerment

37. Avalonian Alignment Program - Facilitator - Star of Higher Light, Star of the Source and Star of Avalonia

38. Angelic Sphere of Light

39. Australian Magpie Empowerment
40. Awaken the Tantric Goddess/God Within Healing System

41. Background, Foreground, Reality Check Alignment

42. Baraka

43. Birthstones Energy Attunements

44. Breakthrough Reiki

45. Bonding Empowerment

46. Buddha Bliss

47. Butterfly Reiki

48. Kabbalistic Emotional Yoga

49. Celestial Serenity Encoding

50. Ceridwen's Empowerment

51. Chakra Balancing Mudra Empowerment

52. Chakra Healing I (Hari Winsaro)

53. Clear Quartz Gemstone Essence Ole

54. Communication Flush Empowerment

55. Companion Angel Empowerment's

56. Diamond Ray of Quan Yin

57. Concentration Energy Empowerment

58. Connecting with Spirit by Ole

59. Connective Tissue Disorder Relief

60. Connective Tissue Repair

61. Crystal Deva (Peggy J)

62. Depression Flush

63. Deva's Protection Healing

64. Desire Manifestation

65. Diamond of Prosperity

66. Divine Harmony Attunement 1

67. Divine Harmony Attunement 2

68. Divine Harmony Attunement 3

69. Divine Healing Wisdom

70. Ethereal Pietersite Attunement