Reiki Master's healing light Academy

Love and Light wherever you are

40 Reiki Attunement's  Package.

This is a wonderful opportunity to connect with the divine regularly,  through attunement's and healing. It is also an opportunity for you to progress in your life, as it helps you in your daily life. It helps clear negative beliefs, removes  negative programs and fills you with a pure, divine energy. Doing attunement's and healing on a regular basis and helps keep you happy and whole. My goal is to help you achieve happiness and wholeness. Love and Light. The attunement's are done in chi ball. Real time can be requested.
You will receive:
1. The attunements listed below,
2. The manuals,
3. Template certificate,
4. Lineage when requested,
5. Guidance, advice and support.
You will receive all the Reiki Attunements in the list below:
1) Abundance Flush 1-6.
2) Angel of Adictive Behaviour.
3) Ancient Egyptian Healing Modality.
4) Amara-Omni Attunement.
5)Angelic Empowerment's.
6) Angel Stones.
7) Angel Light.
8)Attraction Reiki.
9)Bear Reiki.
10) Blue Star Reiki.
11) Celtic Reiki.
12) Celtic Wisdom System.
13)Chakra Healing Attunement.
14)Chakra Flush Empowerment.
15) Colours of Angels.
16)Divine Light Reiki.
17)Dolphin Trilogy.
18)Elemental Reiki.
19)Elixirs I and II.
20)Elven Healing.
21) Empowerment Reiki.
22) Ethereal Crystals.
23)Ethereal Flowers.
24)Excalibur Reiki.
25)Fairy Light Reiki.
26)Full Spectrum.
27)Gold Reiki.
28)Golden Ray Empowerment.
29)Golden Star Activation.
30)Golden Triangle.
31)Green Tara Seichim.
32)Hawaiian Trinity Reiki.
33) Imara Reiki.
34)Inner Beauty Attunement.
35) Inner Light Reiki.
36) Indigo Light Body Vibrational Attunement.
37) Isis Blue Moon.
38)Karmic Reiki.
39) Karuna Ki.
40) Kundalini Reiki.
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