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25 Set Attunements Package.

Break through the barriers that stand in your way to happiness and success. Release the build up of emotions and set yourself free from limiting beliefs, and see how much better you feel afterwards. You are worth looking after. By taking this course you will feel much better as you feel the stress releasing as you begin to heal. You will receive the attunements, manuals guidance and support and a template certificate to make your own certificate. The attunements are done in chi balls.

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1) Ancient Egyptian Healing Modality.

2) Angel of Communication and expression.

3) Angel Of healing addictive behaviour.

4) Aura Beauty Ray Empowerment.

5) Aura Reiki.

6) Avalonian Crown Of Success.

7) Angelic Sphere of Light.

8) Breakthrough Reiki.

9) Bonding Empowerment.

10) Chakra Healing.

11) Connecting with Spirit by Oli.

12) Concentration Energy Empowerment.

13)Connective Tissue Repair.

14) Gabriel's Financial Empowerment.

15) Guilt Release Empowerment.

16)  Getting Clear Empowerment.

17) Gods Wealth.


19) Improved Allergy Protection.

20) Indigo Third Eye Power System.

21) Infinity Body.

22) Inspiration Reiki.


24) Violet Reiki.

25) Ascended Masters Connection Link.